Welcome to our Society

The Association of Turkish Women in Britain (ATWIB) was established in 2002 as a voluntary based organisation with charitable aims. ATWIB is also an active and prominent member of the Federation of International Women’s Associations in London (FIWAL) and the Federation of Turkish Associations in the UK (FTA-UK).

ATWIB was established with the initiative of a former Turkish Ambassador’s wife, Mrs Handan Haktanır together with Mrs Semiha Dogankayali. Mrs Handan Haktanır was our first Honorary President.

Our Honorory Presidents Mrs Esra Bilgiç, Mrs Emel Çeviköz, Mrs Bernev Alpogan, and Mrs Esin Alptuna have always actively supported and encouraged us to broaden our horizons in society. Our Association is a young and dynamic organization which aims to act as a bridge between the Turkish and British communities in UK.

ATWIB organises social, cultural, educational and recreational activities aimed at encouraging friendship and strengthening solidarity between Turkish women residing in Britain. In a relatively short period of time the association’s voluntary efforts and fundraising has helped many organisations and projects. ATWIB have made donations to numerous charities and given valuable support to educational projects for the underprivileged both here and abroad.